Cheap Payday Advances in Denver, CO

Go ahead and say it – you’re in love with cheap payday advancesIts ok, everyone is in love with cheap things when they can get it, and even more we love those cheap things we can never have but always want. What a great world we would live in if payday advances were still as fast, effective, and available as they are today but at half, maybe even one-fourth the cost! My oh my, we’d be sitting high in the captain’s chair then.

Why we dream of cheap payday advances

For many of us, cheap payday advances in Denver would be the cure to all the major problems with the payday loan industry:

  • We wouldn’t be afraid to apply for any and all these online payday advances, making late fees and bounced checks virtually unnecessary.
  • We wouldn’t fear a few roll overs if each were only to cost a few bucks rather than 25% the initial loan value every two weeks.
  • And we wouldn’t have to worry about searching around for the cheapest possible deal while worrying about our financial security and the speed of our loans at the same time.

Of course cheap payday advances would have to maintain all the benefits of today’s loans – but thats not too much to ask. Lenders will still stand to make a hefty profit simply off of numbers alone – and the profits would then compete with those of credit cards which in themselves are not to danged shabby.

Dream a little dream

We’d all love cheap payday advances, but unfortunately we’re not gonna get them. Its a small group of lenders actually offering payday cash advances these days, and they guard their lack of competition zealously and to the very end. They wouldn’t stay in the game unless the margins were extremely gigantic, and indeed all the savings we’d see would come at the expense of the lenders themselves.

Besides, we only think cheap payday advances would turn things around and make these services better. But more likely, the numbers of applicants would increase, and the increasing debts would still remain. Write offs would rise, credit would crumble, financial world order would simply disappear. Cheap payday advances are a dream and need to remain that way – just so we never have to wake up to the horrific reality of our financial desperation.